Santa Monica

On Friday night for church, PC went to 3rd Street to love on people. To be honest, I really didn’t want to go, I had been suffering bouts of confusion, doubt and discouragement. I was really getting down on myself, but after dealing with it in the secret place, I got up out of bed shoved my phone, chapstick and I.D. in my pocket and trudged out the door.

After worship/prayer for a bit, my friend gave me a prophetic word that was spot on with how I had been feeling so that was boosting!

We arrived at 3rd Street, my second time there that day and we even parked in the same exact spot that I had been in earlier that day in a different parking structure. Weeeird. Anyway, there are loads of talented performers on 3rd Street. There was one guy who could beat box and do some awesome finger-picking on his guitar too. I think the biggest crowd-pleaser was this dancer who certainly did have a lot of charisma.

Holy Spirit, I know you draw the best crowds though.

I paired up with someone I had just met and we see immediately this middle-aged man in a wheelchair being pushed by his father. I asked him what happened and if we could pray for him. He had o.d.’ed on drugs a while back, I think, so I laid a hand on him, prayed for him, then commanded his body to be whole again in Jesus’ name. He thanked me and his father started pushing him away when out of the corner of my eye I see him stand up. I was shocked because honestly I had chickened out and had not asked him to try out if his body felt any different. He starts walking and I hold out my hands to support him. I asked him if he could do this before and he said no. To be honest though, the whole time he kind of had an attitude of “well, you can pray if it makes you feel better,” so I don’t know if anything actually changed on the spot right there, but even if he was playing me, then I still believe the Holy Spirit can heal him.

The next woman was on crutches and she asked that we pray that she wouldn’t need surgery. We prayed for her and when I asked for a warmth to spread over her knee, it actually did! She said it might be the placebo effect, but the surprised look on her face was still something.

We met another girl on crutches too and I tried growing out the legs of these two people sitting, but I think they just thought I was some kind of freaky.

I decided that I want to grow more in the prophetic. I really admire the way God speaks through people to other people in ways that pierce their hearts and move them deeply. Also, I’m realizing more and more the importance of having a steady prayer life because power is birthed out of those times.

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4 responses to “Santa Monica

  1. JENN! what amazing things God’s doing through it! : )

  2. I like that I can hear your voice as I read your blog entries.

  3. This stuff helps me so much. Seeing the way each believer thinks and desires to let Christ live through them. I do as well. I want to do all I can for Christ because he did all he could for me…such love.

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