The other day I was on the phone with my pal Brandon, he’s a friend of Jesus, his blog is awesome, it’s the I am a Spirit one on the right there. I spotted this guy on crutches walking with his friends and I was like, well, God, I’m on the phone! What do You want me to do? So I trailed after him slowly and turns out, he was heading the same direction so I walked extra slow, hung up with Brandon and turned to him. His name was Brandon! I asked him how he got hurt and he said he broke his femur in a freak accident so I told him that sucks, can I pray for you real quick? It was cool because he kind of knew, I think, that I was going to, maybe he overheard part of my phone conversation. Nothing really seemed to happen though. Super nice guy, always encouraging to meet nice people!

Today I found a lady who had carpal tunnel. It didn’t leave when I commanded it to, but I laid hands on her and I believe so I trust it’ll align with the Word. Plus, I’ve heard so many testimonies about carpal tunnel leaving, how can it not go from that woman?

But alas, there’s more than just nice people and appreciation for taking time out of your day, how nice of you, thanks, but I have to go. The more I think about it, the more I realize that we have should have something to give to this world. When we approach people, they’re not doing us a favor by letting us exercise the authority from Jesus Christ that we have. We should be the ones doing them a favor by freeing them from physical pain and illness. I feel like I’m bothering people when I step into their paths and ask them if I can pray for them, but it really should be the other way around. People should come to the followers of Jesus.

I just want to love Jesus, love like Him, look like Him. Because He’s someone worth following. Like, totally worth following.

My roommate and I started talking about cancer today.


I remembered one of my high school friends who had to go through chemotherapy because of it and the guy in my building who has MS and the wheelchairs I see everyday and the times I’ve prayed, commanded, and nothing happened in the physical and I know something’s missing.

I’ll keep going anyway, God, I know You want to see your children free too.


One response to “Happenings

  1. Hi there,

    Was reading your blog today after linking from Iamaspirit.org . I am very encouraged by all that you guys & girls are doing. Particularly interested in when it does not work, or when we do not see results; since that is what I tend to get a lot of at the moment.

    But be encouraged, because God is at work and this is your training ground (and mine too). Today I met a mum and baby, whom I prayed for on the street about 8 weeks ago. The baby had been diagnosed with reflux and cried all the time, being in agony after a feed (He had this problem for about 6 months). Today mum told me that he eats like a horse and his tummy is completely well!! The baby looks like he has doubled in size since I last saw him. (probably not accurate, but just a fantastic testimony of how well he looked). Mum also looked more rested and much improved.

    Moral of the story….you never know what God does with these people once they get home. We must not be put off by lack of instant miracles, but it should drive us back into the secret place with God. (nice though it would be if everyone was instantly healed!!!!)

    Like you I believe that Jesus can and wants to heal everyone of any type of disease, so I am talking to him daily to find out how to appropriate this healing for myself and others.

    Blessings to you and yours. x Corma

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