Naturally Supernatural

This weekend is Supernatural On Campus.

You might think I’m going to give my spiel on why I think you should be there–about how it’s going to be awesome, how a lot of planning and hard work has gone into it, how God’s going to be there, how it’s going to be historically profound–and while all that is true, I want to share a personal take on it.

A lot of people know me as Jenn, the girl who prays for sick people. Along with the fact that I’m trying to make it ‘heal sick people’ instead, what I longed to bring to the believers around me is that this is for everyone and something everyone should be walking in.

Matthew 10:8 is directed at the disciples. Are you a disciple? Then obey. It breaks my heart to see afflicted people that aren’t going to Christians for a cure and are instead looking to everywhere but Heaven for the solution.

I know that hearing that there’s a “signs and wonders!” conference may be a turn-off to some of you and might even sound cliche, but if you’re not walking in it, then you have no right to call it that. What’s been lost, I think, is the importance that these things must flow from the secret place, that we must move out of compassion.

I believe the church will see the most salvations when we learn to furiously love every person. Love is the best weapon we have to use against Satan. Use it.

And, church, do something.


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