Notes on loving.

I really believe that God spent time in forming our personalities uniquely and wonderfully. Each one of us is, to the same degree, loved before God and yet radically different because of this.

Whenever I catch myself allowing the creeping tendrils of ungodly jealousy working its way around my heart, I immediately remind myself that that’s stupid. God has given each one of us gifts, talents, and abilities, fitting to our individual callings. If we do not embrace these and instead cling onto the desire for others’ portions, then we miss out on our blessing and we miss out on blessing the world. Only you can do what you are called to do by God. No one else is going to do it so as I bluntly heard Jenn Johnson say once, “Stop trying to copy other people and just be yourself. Because no one else will.”

Moreover, I really think it is so crucial that we learn to see other people in the light that God sees us too, that we not only see people as prophets or worshipers, but that we see the quirks and details of each and every person’s character that makes them special before God. In the same light, we must see God’s lost sheep, too, not as projects,  but as people with amazing personalities and the destiny to move in apostolic power.

Let us receive one another with the highest regard, that we may be able to receive the highest blessing bestowed upon each other by the King of glory.


3 responses to “Notes on loving.

  1. there’s no “like” button here so i’ll have to just say it.


  2. love it, jenn! : ) thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  3. Word. =) miss youuuu jennchuu!! a lot.

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