Running the Race…

I just got back from a run. I love running. I don’t love it for the feeling of accomplishment at the end, or for the fact that I did something healthy, or for the calories I burned, or for the runner’s high. I love it because these days when I run, it’s a wonderful time spent with my Abba Father in Heaven.

Some of my friends used to tell me that when they ran, it was great time spent with God, but I could never relate because I used to run in such a way that I was so freaking focused on myself and how much I wanted to stop and how tired my legs were and blah blah blah. Then recently I decided to do a 10k even though I really wasn’t sure if I could pull through without feeling like I was dying the whole time. When I started training for it, I realized that 10 kilometers is equivalent to 6.2 miles and that my usual half-walked 2-3 miles at the gym wouldn’t cut it. So I started taking it seriously and made it up to 4 miles before the actual race, which was a lot of fun — if you have legs you should do it, I mean it. And if you don’t have legs then I really think God wants to grow them out because He’s your Pops and He loves you.

Anyway, I started running at Drake at night. Listening to worship music helped me to distract myself from what I was doing and I started worshiping the Lord and letting Him fill my heart with good things as I ran. It hit me at one point that I actually can do this. It’s just my mind that stops me from realizing that I can keep going. Every time I want to stop I suddenly see that my body actually isn’t that tired and that it’s just my mind that is telling me I’m exhausted and that enough is enough when really I haven’t reached my peak at all. How often do I do this myself, I wonder? How often do I stop myself from walking in the fullness of what He’s given me? How often do I tell myself I can’t do something when really, God has already released His grace for me to claim a victory? How often do I read the Word and process it in my mind, but not in my heart? How important it is that we take on the mind of Christ!

Tonight as I was running, God took me to a place where His love caused everything to pale in comparison. It really doesn’t matter what is going on my life and what obstacles are ahead — just knowing that He is near and will always be near is enough. Drake stadium, and, I suppose all other stadiums, I just haven’t been to that many, creates this feeling where, if you’re in the center, it feels like you’re being engulfed. And really, I guess tonight, God was reminding me that I am engulfed by His grace. That’s wonderful.

This race we’re running is called the race of faith (Hebrews 12:1). It takes faith to finish it, to land across the finish line and at the feet of the Holy Father. I have faith that He’s waiting for me. I have faith that He will marry me. I have faith that I can keep running, no matter what hurdles I have to leap because He’s given me the grace to do this. Besides, why do people jump hurdles? Because they’re fun! Count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience (James 1:3).

God works in so many ways. He’s so much bigger than I ever give Him credit for.

Yeah, He’s good. You know it.


One response to “Running the Race…

  1. have you seen the movie “Chariots of Fire”?
    your post reminded me of it

    this was inspiring. i feel like running right now 🙂

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