You Will Never Regret It

And it’s true. Good video, huh? If you want more food for your spirit (or more of where this came from), click my friend Brandon’s googlepage!

When I look back on my high school years, I wonder and I dream what it would have been like if I had given my everything to God then. Sure, they were fun, I thrived off all my extracurricular activities and found the thrill of winning small conquests like straight A’s and breaking to finals in Speech and Debate, but can you imagine if I came face to face with God at the end of my life and looked around for my transcript and a trophy to hand Him?

The best you can ever give the Lord will never cause Him to love you more or to love you less, but at the end of the age, all you have to give Him is what you came into the earth with…just you. Your heart, as it is, what you have done with it during your lifetime. Did you give it away to numerous lovers? Partition it into neat little sections of wealth, career, and family? Withhold it from everyone and everything for fear of getting hurt?

I know I did every single one of those things to my heart.

But the beauty of grace…God restored my heart, He healed it, He took care of it, He held it in His hands and was so gentle with it. He brought me to a place where it didn’t matter anymore, all those things I did to my heart, because now it belongs to Him. At the end of the age, I know I want to thank my Father for loving on my heart so tenderly and for keeping it safe in His pavilion. I don’t regret high school because every bit of my relationship with God has been so amazing that in a way, I don’t want it to have been any different than the adventure it’s been so far. At the same time, I know what a Blessed Redeemer He truly is because of how He loves me still and took me in all the same.

It makes me want to finish strong.

I will run, I will run this race. And I will do it all for Love.


One response to “You Will Never Regret It

  1. i think about that phrase quite often =)… i will never regret giving Him too much. it has never let me down for sure…

    i love your blog too and i love that your heart is His =)…

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