I received a prophetic word from someone I didn’t know,  just met him that day, but he was so Holy Spirit-filled and spoke with so  much authority that I knew I wanted some prayer from him!  It was so beautiful, God speaking through this person. So much confirmation, so much deliverance from the Lord that night. And at one point,

“He loves you. He loves you very much.”

Wow, those words pierced right into my heart. He loves me. He loves me very much.

Where can I go to run from the Lord? Where can I hide? He’ll never let me go. Even when I shove the painful situations into the back of my mind, my heart, I know that there is only full deliverance in Christ. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. He takes my heart carefully in His hands and gently molds it, heals it, loves it.

Heaven’s priority is the Kingdom here on earth. When I think of that, I think automatically of healing, the casting out of demons — loud, beautiful demonstrations of God’s power, but we ought not to forget that part of the Kingdom is the quiet and the stillness. In the Kingdom, the sweetest moments are the ones spent before the Lord who sits on His mercy seat, His throne of grace as He pours His love and grace into us while we tarry with Him at His feet.

What have I if I have not love? Nothing.

Recently, I have felt like Peter when he says to Jesus “Depart from me, for I am a sinful man, O Lord!” (Luke 5:8) after reeling in a boatload of fish when Jesus tells him to cast out his net again. I am so undeserving, so unworthy, so flighty, and yet my Father in Heaven who is holy still chooses to pour out such goodness over me. My prayer is that He release the grace for me to keep my heart in a posture of worship, surrender, thankfulness, humility and love. That above all else, my entire being is consumed with the desire to know the person of God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit.

You are so, so good to me.


4 responses to “Recently…

  1. how encouraging jennifer! : )

  2. HEAVEN ON EARTHHH work it girl

  3. wow. this is the passage my pastor spoke on this morning. He was speaking about how if we are to see His majesty, like Isaiah, our reaction would be to see ourselves clearly, as in our desparate need for Him, who we are compared to His holiness naturally, and yeah, react the way Peter did… it was cool because during worship before the message i found myself praying that He would bring light into the deepest part of our hearts and He’s really been bringing me back to my identity as just.. a girl who owes a lot to Him and whom He has revealed Himself to in the most loving way. like, no matter where i go or end up later in life I want to always have that heart posture before Him… i don’t think i’m delivering this as well as i’d like but a skype session would do better! =)

    and yeah… He loves you very much… and He loves all the ways that You are struck by His love for you.. hehe… beautiful entry =) fsho heart of the kingdom!

  4. Jennifer! I noticed I’m like the only person who calls you Jennifer instead of Jenn for some odd reason.

    Read your blog for the first time, and thoroughly enjoyed it and was touched by it! 😀 Thank you!

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