Sing My Love

I love Kim Walker-Smith’s worship! I’ve never actually been in a worship set with her (I will at Great Grace though!!), but I can feel the anointing and presence of God soaking through her worship. Haha it’s not Sing My Love, but I couldn’t find the live video for when she sang that song at Jesus Culture.

I still remember one of the first times I was in a worship service with the full-on band and dimmed lights and projector projecting the lyrics of some song I didn’t know. I was in middle school and River of Life to me was huge and intimidating with so many people! I was with a girl who was already in college and I took my seat next to her. I still remember how awkward I felt when the people around me stood up as they were singing or lifted up their hands. I really didn’t understand it at all, just kind of went along with what everyone else was doing, closed my eyes at times and searched inside me for what would render such emotion as to cause one to raise their arms up in such a manner.

Little did I know…and little did I hear and see.

One day at church some kids asked me to talk about worship because they really wanted to see everyone standing up and lifting up their hands during worship. As a worship leader, I agreed to it. When I was getting ready for it, I was preparing to do my usual listen to a sermon, read up on stuff, repeat it in some combined form, but the Holy Spirit stopped me saying, “Tell them what I’ve showed you Myself.” So I strummed a bit on my guitar singing, “What does it mean to worship you?” over and over again. And as I sang and asked, within seconds, the Holy Spirit began revealing the following to me:

Worship is to create an atmosphere where the sole purpose is to welcome the presence of the Lord. It is the adoration of the King that causes angels to ascend and descend right where you are. It is to focus your entire heart on the King in whole surrender, holding nothing back. It is to join in the angels’ songs as they worship Him around His throne, to gain a revelation of what it’s like to be in place of the Four Living Creatures that have eyes all over their bodies and the Twenty-Four elders bowing down and casting off their crowns. To worship God is to let your heart be so abandoned to Him to a point where it just doesn’t matter what you look like, your entire body is so full of desperation to just see Him that you must do something–you must dance, jump, shout, soak, lie down, fall to your knees, lift up your hands if only to touch Him, sing your love. Worship is to listen to the song that God has put on your heart, sing a new song. Sometimes it’s not even the words your singing, but the words that are written across your heart, His words upon the tablet of your heart.

The Holy Spirit so longs to do His thing and I long to lead worship in such a way that is obedient to Him and removes anything that would get in the way of the weighty glory and presence of God manifesting in a place. The best miracles are those where no one has to lay hands on anyone or even say a prayer for someone to receive their healing or any other miracle–where the Holy Spirit is welcomed into a place that is hungry for Him and He does His thing.

Whenever I lead worship, there are few  thoughts that cross my mind: “Lord, just let these kids experience Your presence. Let them feel You here in this room. Let them be changed by Your glory.” Sometimes I do get nervous on whether I’m playing well, singing well, what people think, etc., but then I realize that God is so sovereign and I am merely someone He chooses to work through and I surrender the time to Him, knowing He knows what He’s doing. He is God, after all!

To worship the Lord face to face is to live every moment of your life as if you were face to face with Him. You will live differently if you live it with your eyes focused on His eyes.

Let the light of Your face shine down on my heart,
And let me feel it.


4 responses to “Sing My Love

  1. so good….. 🙂 (i mean it has to be… Holy Spirit! haha)

    thank you for this, jennchuu.

    I can hang out this Saturday, or MTW next week?

  2. JENN i can’t WAIT to be led into the prescence by you :D:D:D:D have tons of fun in taiwan! can’t wait to see you when you’re back 🙂

  3. i like this. very much. 🙂

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