I feel like, lately

This is how I feel:

Lost, confused, upset, tired, burdened, heavy, sleepy, dirty, weird, surprised, lethargic, lousy, sick. Just a little bit of each.

I feel like, lately, I can’t really express how I feel. None of the Christian-ese seems to apply and no other words really seem to either. I’m getting by, redeemed by grace every moment of my life, every midterm, homework assignment, everything.

I feel like, lately, God has been showing me that He is faithful in all circumstances even with how wishy-washy I can be toward Him. There is so much grace in my life.

I feel like, lately, there’s a song inside my heart, hovering right in my throat even, waiting to burst forth like no other song I have ever sung to the Lord. I’ve been watching worship leader after worship leader, more than I’ve been watching sermons, seeing how they lead worship, what sets them apart from song leaders. I want to know how to tap into the glory and welcome His presence into a room.

I feel like, lately, I want to be completely free from every distraction that keeps me from knowing God. I feel like there’s always something hovering in the back of my mind, keeping me from having a completely abandoned heart.

I feel like, lately, I feel so much, but I want to feel what You feel only.


One response to “I feel like, lately

  1. ..and you will! : )

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