Santa Monica

On Friday night for church, PC went to 3rd Street to love on people. To be honest, I really didn’t want to go, I had been suffering bouts of confusion, doubt and discouragement. I was really getting down on myself, but after dealing with it in the secret place, I got up out of bed shoved my phone, chapstick and I.D. in my pocket and trudged out the door.

After worship/prayer for a bit, my friend gave me a prophetic word that was spot on with how I had been feeling so that was boosting!

We arrived at 3rd Street, my second time there that day and we even parked in the same exact spot that I had been in earlier that day in a different parking structure. Weeeird. Anyway, there are loads of talented performers on 3rd Street. There was one guy who could beat box and do some awesome finger-picking on his guitar too. I think the biggest crowd-pleaser was this dancer who certainly did have a lot of charisma.

Holy Spirit, I know you draw the best crowds though.

I paired up with someone I had just met and we see immediately this middle-aged man in a wheelchair being pushed by his father. I asked him what happened and if we could pray for him. He had o.d.’ed on drugs a while back, I think, so I laid a hand on him, prayed for him, then commanded his body to be whole again in Jesus’ name. He thanked me and his father started pushing him away when out of the corner of my eye I see him stand up. I was shocked because honestly I had chickened out and had not asked him to try out if his body felt any different. He starts walking and I hold out my hands to support him. I asked him if he could do this before and he said no. To be honest though, the whole time he kind of had an attitude of “well, you can pray if it makes you feel better,” so I don’t know if anything actually changed on the spot right there, but even if he was playing me, then I still believe the Holy Spirit can heal him.

The next woman was on crutches and she asked that we pray that she wouldn’t need surgery. We prayed for her and when I asked for a warmth to spread over her knee, it actually did! She said it might be the placebo effect, but the surprised look on her face was still something.

We met another girl on crutches too and I tried growing out the legs of these two people sitting, but I think they just thought I was some kind of freaky.

I decided that I want to grow more in the prophetic. I really admire the way God speaks through people to other people in ways that pierce their hearts and move them deeply. Also, I’m realizing more and more the importance of having a steady prayer life because power is birthed out of those times.

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The other day I was on the phone with my pal Brandon, he’s a friend of Jesus, his blog is awesome, it’s the I am a Spirit one on the right there. I spotted this guy on crutches walking with his friends and I was like, well, God, I’m on the phone! What do You want me to do? So I trailed after him slowly and turns out, he was heading the same direction so I walked extra slow, hung up with Brandon and turned to him. His name was Brandon! I asked him how he got hurt and he said he broke his femur in a freak accident so I told him that sucks, can I pray for you real quick? It was cool because he kind of knew, I think, that I was going to, maybe he overheard part of my phone conversation. Nothing really seemed to happen though. Super nice guy, always encouraging to meet nice people!

Today I found a lady who had carpal tunnel. It didn’t leave when I commanded it to, but I laid hands on her and I believe so I trust it’ll align with the Word. Plus, I’ve heard so many testimonies about carpal tunnel leaving, how can it not go from that woman?

But alas, there’s more than just nice people and appreciation for taking time out of your day, how nice of you, thanks, but I have to go. The more I think about it, the more I realize that we have should have something to give to this world. When we approach people, they’re not doing us a favor by letting us exercise the authority from Jesus Christ that we have. We should be the ones doing them a favor by freeing them from physical pain and illness. I feel like I’m bothering people when I step into their paths and ask them if I can pray for them, but it really should be the other way around. People should come to the followers of Jesus.

I just want to love Jesus, love like Him, look like Him. Because He’s someone worth following. Like, totally worth following.

My roommate and I started talking about cancer today.


I remembered one of my high school friends who had to go through chemotherapy because of it and the guy in my building who has MS and the wheelchairs I see everyday and the times I’ve prayed, commanded, and nothing happened in the physical and I know something’s missing.

I’ll keep going anyway, God, I know You want to see your children free too.

A Prayer.

Lord, I love You and I know You love the lost sheep of the world even more than I do. All I desire is to do what is on Your heart. In the name of Jesus, I speak eyes to see and ears to hear over this generation. Till the soil in people’s hearts and bring us the good soil that You could encounter them through us. In Jesus’ name I break off every stronghold holding them back from experiencing Your love and bind away every spirit that is not of you. Holy Spirit, download the strategy for how to set free this generation. Father, place in our hearts, the very compassion that was in the heart of Jesus when he looked out on the multitudes.

God, show me what’s missing from my life because I’m missing the fullness of my destiny. My life doesn’t match up completely with Your Word and there’s this feeling, it’s aching, fit to burst, this feeling that something’s missing.

I just want You.

Naturally Supernatural

This weekend is Supernatural On Campus.

You might think I’m going to give my spiel on why I think you should be there–about how it’s going to be awesome, how a lot of planning and hard work has gone into it, how God’s going to be there, how it’s going to be historically profound–and while all that is true, I want to share a personal take on it.

A lot of people know me as Jenn, the girl who prays for sick people. Along with the fact that I’m trying to make it ‘heal sick people’ instead, what I longed to bring to the believers around me is that this is for everyone and something everyone should be walking in.

Matthew 10:8 is directed at the disciples. Are you a disciple? Then obey. It breaks my heart to see afflicted people that aren’t going to Christians for a cure and are instead looking to everywhere but Heaven for the solution.

I know that hearing that there’s a “signs and wonders!” conference may be a turn-off to some of you and might even sound cliche, but if you’re not walking in it, then you have no right to call it that. What’s been lost, I think, is the importance that these things must flow from the secret place, that we must move out of compassion.

I believe the church will see the most salvations when we learn to furiously love every person. Love is the best weapon we have to use against Satan. Use it.

And, church, do something.

The Battle

I once read that the battle over sin is won and lost in the mind. Sometimes it really feels like a battle. There is this internal struggle between what I know is righteous and holy and what I simply want in terms of carnal pleasure. As they tug back and forth though, I remind myself that the Holy Spirit is on my side. He’s rooting for me and He’s going to help me in this victory. What a fight though! Invisible to the people around me, inside two forces collide as I cling to the Lord to help me make the choice between what is right and what is easy.

As I entertain thoughts about giving in to the perspective of the world, the Holy Spirit tugs at my heart, telling me of how faithful the Lord has been to me and how those who wait on Him will receive enormous blessing. It’s all or nothing and I know it. I won’t dawdle in the middle. I won’t be lukewarm. I won’t be wishy-washy. I won’t let Satan make me think that I am not called to greater things. I won’t, I won’t, I won’t, I won’t. The Holy Spirit gets excited when we face challenges because the bigger the problem we face, the bigger the victory.

Notes on loving.

I really believe that God spent time in forming our personalities uniquely and wonderfully. Each one of us is, to the same degree, loved before God and yet radically different because of this.

Whenever I catch myself allowing the creeping tendrils of ungodly jealousy working its way around my heart, I immediately remind myself that that’s stupid. God has given each one of us gifts, talents, and abilities, fitting to our individual callings. If we do not embrace these and instead cling onto the desire for others’ portions, then we miss out on our blessing and we miss out on blessing the world. Only you can do what you are called to do by God. No one else is going to do it so as I bluntly heard Jenn Johnson say once, “Stop trying to copy other people and just be yourself. Because no one else will.”

Moreover, I really think it is so crucial that we learn to see other people in the light that God sees us too, that we not only see people as prophets or worshipers, but that we see the quirks and details of each and every person’s character that makes them special before God. In the same light, we must see God’s lost sheep, too, not as projects,  but as people with amazing personalities and the destiny to move in apostolic power.

Let us receive one another with the highest regard, that we may be able to receive the highest blessing bestowed upon each other by the King of glory.

Inspired by finals week…

I took a tumble to the deep end 🙂 –>